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Recording & Real Estate

Butler County deeds, mortgages, subdivision plats, restrictions and other documents are recorded at this office.  The public has access to search and view these records during normal business hours.  All documents from 1987 to present are available on our computer system.  Index books and documents are also available for viewing, dating back to 1797.

Our online search is available to the public.  The images found on the Butler County Recorder's website are watermarked to external users.  Documents received for filing with the "UNOFFICIAL" watermark (ie. legal descriptions) will not be accepted for recording.  Documents are available without the watermark inside the Butler County Recorder's Office.

For more information, visit the links on this website.  You can also contact us at (513) 887-3192 or Email Us.










Standardization Guidlines

Documents prepared after June 30, 2009 are governed by the Ohio Standardization Guidelines enacted in ORC 317.114.

If a document signed does not conform to these guidelines, an additional recording fee of $20.00 will be collected.

These guidelines are as follows:

  • Computer font size of at least 10 point;
  • Minimum paper size - 8½X11, Maximum paper size - 8½X14;
  • Black or Blue ink ONLY;
  • No use of highlighting;
  • Margins of 1 inch on each side of the page and on the bottom;
  • 3 inch margin on the top of the first page, reserved for recorder, auditor & engineer ONLY;
  • 1 ½ inch margin on the top of each of the remaining pages.

This law does not apply to

  • Any document from any court or taxing authority;
  • Plats;
  • DD214's;
  • Any state or federal document;
  • Any document executed before the effective date of this law.

Print your guidelines template here.



















eRecording with the Butler County Recorder's Office

Interest in eRecording?  The Butler County Recorder's Office accepts electronic documents.  We currently offer three services that can be used to submit most documents electronically.



Request Contact from Simplifile




Request Contact from CSC


ePN - eRecording Partners Network


Request Contact from ePN


If you have questions about how eRecording works or would like more information, please contact Denise Goll at the Butler County Recorder's Office.


Document Types Accepted






















Recording Fees
Effective August 1, 2003
Deed, Mortgage, Lease and other documents recorded
     .....$28.00 up to and including two pages
Additional pages and attachments
     .....$8.00 per additional page after the first two
Non-standard document fee
     .....$20.00 per document
     .....$18X24 - $43.20 per page
     .....$24X36 - $86.40 per page
Registered Land Fees
Documentation/Recording Notes:
  • Include legal description with all documents submitted for recording
  • Include a self addressed stamped return envelope
  • In subsequent related documents, include references to all previously recorded documents
  • All affidavits require the current owner
  • Document turn around time is 5-10 days
  • Some state and federal documents require different fees. Contact us at (513) 887-3192 for information.
Auditor's Transfer Fees and Taxes
Conveyance Tax
.....$3.00 per $1,000.00 purchase price
       In addition, an auditor's parcel transfer tax fee of $0.50 per parcel is payable with deeds
       Use a check for both tax and fee payable to the Butler County Auditor
       Conveyance/Exemption form required will all deeds
       Additonal Auditor's Information and forms
UCC Recording Fees
UCC Financing Statement (UCC1)
    .....$12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed
         (debtor, secured party & property owner
UCC Amendments, Continuations, Assignments,
      Partial Releases and Terminations (UCC3)
    .....$12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed
         (debtor, secured party, and property owner)
Copies & Certification
Images printed from 1987 to present
                          *Available in office only
     .....$0.15 per image
Copies from books prior to 1987
     .....$2.00 per page
Copy requests via mail
     .....$2.00 per page


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