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Schedule of Fees

Recording Fees
Effective August 1, 2003
Deed, Mortgage, Lease and other documents recorded
     .....$28.00 up to and including two pages


Additional pages and attachments
     .....$8.00 per additional page after the first two


Non-standard document fee
     .....$20.00 per document


     .....$18X24 - $43.20 per page
     .....$24X36 - $86.40 per page
Documentation/Recording Notes:
  • Include legal description with all documents submitted for recording
  • Include a self addressed stamped return envelope
  • In subsequent related documents, include references to all previously recorded documents
  • All affidavits require the current owner
  • Document turn around time is 5-10 days 
  • Some state and federal documents require different fees. Contact us at (513) 887-3192 for information.
 Auditor's Transfer Fees and Taxes
 Conveyance Tax
.....$3.00 per $1,000.00 purchase price 
       In addition, an auditor's parcel transfer tax fee of $0.50 per parcel is payable with deeds
       Use a check for both tax and fee payable to the Butler County Auditor
       Conveyance/Exemption form required will all deeds
       Additonal Auditor's Information and forms
UCC Recording Fees
UCC Financing Statement (UCC1)
    .....$12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed
         (debtor, secured party & property owner
UCC Amendments, Continuations, Assignments,
      Partial Releases and Terminations (UCC3)
    .....$12.00 plus $4.00 for each name indexed
         (debtor, secured party, and property owner)
Copies & Certification
 Images printed from 1987 to present
                          *Available in office only
     .....$0.15 per image
 Copies from books prior to 1987
     .....$2.00 per page
Copy requests via mail 
     .....$2.00 per page
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